Indigo Neckerchief Workshop at Slow North

Indigo Neckerchief Workshop at Slow North

On Saturday, November 10th we were fortunate to teach an Indigo Shibori workshop at the lovely Slow North location in Austin.

On this chilly morning, Ryan and I prepared the Indigo vat with a 5-gallon bucket. We used the recipe for the 1-2-3 sugar vat, created by botanist and dye chemist, Michel Garcia. This recipe is really simple, you just have to follow the 1-2-3 measurements.

For example, we made our stock in a 3-gallon bucket which consisted of:

  • 100gm of Indigo
  • 200gm of calcium hydroxide
  • 300gm of fructose

 Once ingredients were mixed we let the stock sit for an hour. 

Then the magic began!!
Binding and folding


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