Clay in the Park :)


As I've been on my clay journey I've realized there aren't many clay studios with availability. I am hosting Clay in the park to create a safe space to play with clay and connect with other like minded people. This time is about exploration of the medium and having fun! All are WELCOME :)

I want to make this gathering as accessible as possible, therefore donations are optional. If you can't donate that's absolutely fine, but if you can this will help me cover cost for clay, firing, and transportation. 

My journey as a ceramic artist has inspired me to share my passion for creating joyful art and empowering others to see their abilities and potential.

Below are a few questions to pick a date and time you'd like to meet. I will be hosting this event outdoors at Peace Park by the picnic tables. First meet is to play with clay and if you choose to want to fire and glaze we'll meet a second time. Third meet will be to deliver your very own piece, yeehaw!

Once I receive your submission I'll review and email you with date and time.

I look forward to seeing you soon!! :)

 Request form is HERE