Process and Care

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Each piece takes hours and hours of work. It is thrown on the wheel or hand built, trimmed and handled. Then carved, fired in the kiln twice, for bisque and glaze, painted, sanded, measured, photographed and shipped by Abril and Ryan.

For a total of 3 to 4 weeks of process time from start to finish. It is truly handmade!!

Everything we make is hand made, meaning it won't be truly perfect, but you will get a one of a kind item, plus it makes every piece so much more UNIQUE and SPECIAL. Also, do know that Abril tries to make every ceramic piece as close to perfect as possible :)


To prolong the life of your ceramic goodies, hand washing is recommended.

Ceramic paint palettes can be easily cleaned by wiping down the surface with a wet cloth or sponge. Wash promptly after each use. Staining may occur on the unglazed portion of the palette (the bottom) depending on the type of paints being used.

Freewheelin' Goods cannot be held responsible for any damage or breakage in the future, handmade pottery can be fragile in nature and should be handled with care.


Most glazes used are food safe, please look at description on item for complete details.

Thank you again for buying handmade and supporting a woman owned business!!!